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Brought to you by Thor Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of your brand or business online.

A modern web hosting provider by the industry's leading web experts

Our Core Principles

A brand of Thor Solutions Pvt Ltd, with a history of over 15 years in the web industry, we know everything that is to know about websites & servers. 

Providing a seamless solution from start to finish is in our blood. To ensure we could provide our clients with an alternate solution to big brand providers who cap resources and provide customer service not up to our standards, we launched thor.host with the aim to build a hosting company for the modern world. Using our knowledge of what does and does not work, our aim is to create the perfect scalable hosting solution with an approachable and friendly point of view. We take advantage of the latest technological advances such as cloud infrastructures all while building a brand that reflects our ethos of honest and friendly approach.

thor.host passion

We recognize that hosting extends beyond uptime and site speed. While the hosting cost may seem minimal, your website is likely your business’s crucial tool. Clients choose thor.host not only for our technical expertise in addressing complex issues, even at the first support level, but also because our support and management teams are relatable, approachable, and understanding. At thor.host, every team member possesses what we call the ‘Thor Passion’ — a unique passion with one focus in mind, a happy customer.

Who we are?

A small company with web at our heart.

It might surprise you to learn that a majority of web hosting companies are owned by just three major corporations—GoDaddy, Endurance International, and 1and1. Upon closer inspection, many of the so-called “top” hosts are ultimately under the control of these three entities. The lack of competition has kept prices high and rising, and due to client reluctance to switch providers, service quality often suffers, reducing customers to mere numbers in a vast clientele.

On the other hand, smaller hosting startups excel initially, benefiting from the hands-on involvement of passionate owners. However, as these companies expand, they encounter scalability challenges. Many hosting providers go through these growth struggles, and you might have observed it in your own experience—perhaps noticing slower or less comprehensive support responses, or a decline in your site’s performance over time.

thor.host is designed to be scalable.

Our experience in the web industry has taught us that efficiency comes through automation. Behind the scenes with as much as possible we have automated most of our processes that even today many companies are still doing by hand. Things like deploying new servers, malware tracking, and handling Denial of Service attacks are all managed by our advanced software and automated processes. It means we can spend more time helping you, our clients, with the vast majority of our team being entirely customer-facing. 

In order to streamline our operations, we made a conscious decision to use third party providers like Linode as we felt they could help us scale more effectively than creating in-house infrastructure.

In order to match the infrastructure of Google or Amazon it would take years and cost at least hundreds of millions, especially in multiple locations. but with partners like cPanel, MailChannels and Softaculous, it made sense for us to leverage their systems and add value on top of that. In some cases, we have since moved external solutions in-house (for instance replacing a third-party DNS system with our own Anycast cluster based on AWS).

For our VPS solution we have partnered with runcloud to ensure we can provide a seamless integration of a powerful dashboard for customers to be able to see their VPS info all while adding value such as 7G Firewall and Web Application Firewall. 

Zero Capital Cost = Zero Financial Debt

In creating the thor.host platform, we deliberately avoided the need to invest millions in constructing our own facilities or engaging in an arms race against DDOS attackers. Leveraging public cloud providers for our foundational architecture comes with numerous advantages—issues like hardware replacements, scaling internal networking, and expanding data centers are challenges we don’t have to divert our attention to. We entrust these tasks to billion-dollar cloud providers, allowing us to concentrate on delivering the finest shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting platform possible. Unlike our competition who feel the need to limit resources for clients, and misleading them, our model allows us to provide the best possible solutions to our customers and focus on what matters most, customer satisfaction. With virtually zero capital investment thor.host is here to stay with your success as our modus operandi

Built from scratch with modern tools

Techdebt is a phrase that a number of hosting companies, particular those that have gone through acquistions and ownership changes suffer from.Roughly this means legacy technical problems that you have to deal with, caused because things weren’t done properly at the start. At thor.host we are proudly techdebt-free.

With our extensive expertise of modern orchestration tools has allowed us to build systems which are optimised for fast-moving, local requirements of the modern world.

Ready to get started?

We are still Testing Things!

Hi There! We’re in the process of launching our new website. There might a few bugs, images that need changing or broken links. Please bear with us. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you want to get your website live with us asap